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How to manage a corporate channel on YouTube 10 tips

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. It is also a great place to promote brands and companies. Want to know how to stand out on YouTube and gain popularity? Check out 10 effective video marketing techniques. Learn how to reach the largest audience and how to promote your YouTube channel.

1. Define your goals
Every video you record and post should have a clear purpose. It could be, for example:

  • increasing awareness of your company/brand,
  • increase sales of goods or services and attract new customers,
  • building a committed community,
  • creating a positive image, etc.

So be specific about what exactly you want to achieve. Knowing your goal, you will select the appropriate film theme and video format. Formats commonly used by brands:

  • educational films,
  • interviews with famous people from the industry,
  • product presentation videos
  • reviews, i.e. opinions of customers,
  • product reviews,
  • product testing,
  • textbooks,
  • manual user instructions,
  • Q&A session (questions and answers).

2. Find out who your audience is
To be successful on YouTube, you first need to know your target audience well. Consider what your recipients are interested in, what problems they struggle with, what their needs, preferences and preferences are. Find out what type of content they are interested in. Thanks to this, you will know which topics to cover and create more tailored content.

You can read customer reviews of the company and see what problems, wishes or complaints they have. Just starting your corporate channel? Look at competitors or other video producers in your industry. See which films are the most popular. This can be a clue as to what topics and formats your viewers will be interested in. If you already have videos on your channel, analyze the statistics.

3. Use the resources at your disposal
Remember that not everything has to be perfect. You don’t need the most expensive equipment to record good quality movies. Many creators record their material even using a smartphone. People who act in films do not have to be experienced actors. Viewers appreciate naturalness, authenticity and prefer to look at «ordinary» people. If you don’t have anyone to appear in your films, record a video with background music or voice.

4. Post your videos regularly
Set a posting schedule ahead of time and stick to it. Algorithms value channels that regularly release new movies. Plus, your viewers will know when to expect a new episode. Want to know how often to post video content? It depends on what resources you have. Some channels show new videos once a week. Bigger accounts post more often. This does not mean that you cannot upload videos, for example, once a month or once every two weeks. The most important thing is regularity.

5. Come up with catchy movie titles
Did you know that the title of your movie has a significant impact on how many people see it? Therefore, the headline should be interesting, engaging and grab the attention of the recipients. In addition, it should be specific and tell the viewer what the film is about. The title should also contain relevant key phrases. An effective movie title could be, for example:

an intriguing question, such as how to write headlines that attract customers,
list, for example, 10 ways to increase sales in an online store.
6. Optimize thumbnails
The popularity of the film is also determined by its diminutiveness. A good thumbnail will grab the viewer’s attention. It should be relevant and attractive. You can choose one of the movie frames, but it’s best if you create your own graphics with text. It is also recommended to include human faces in thumbnails, as they draw attention.

Thumbnails don’t have to be complicated. You can create one generic template with a specific font and style. This will ensure that all videos on the channel look consistent and professional. Just use simple graphic design tools like Canva for this.

7. Create a movie series
Do you want your channel to become popular? Create a specific series of videos around a given topic or theme. In this way, you will create a thematic authority, that is, an authority in a given subject area. You will become an expert in your industry and earn the trust of your audience. Remember that viewers love series and often look forward to the next video. When you publish them, Internet users will have a reason to return to your channel regularly.

8. Talk to your audience
Don’t forget to connect with your viewers. Each type of interaction is important both for the YouTube audience and for the algorithms. Like the movies and reply to them. Thank you for expressing your opinion, answering the questions asked, calling for discussion. So arr

Basically, you will create a committed community and earn trust.

9. Use CTAs and increase commitment
Often, the creators ask in the video or description to “put a thumbs up” or subscribe to the channel. You can also do this. Asking to participate can be a good way to get your videos noticed and appreciated. Remember that not everyone who liked your video will remember to like it. So let’s ask for it. In the video description, you can also insert links to other videos or a link to your website. They will serve as a kind of CTA (call to action).

10. Don’t Forget About SEO
YouTube is the second largest (after Google) search engine in the world. Therefore, all your videos must be properly optimized. Then they will have a better chance of showing up higher in the results and gaining popularity.

YouTube videos often rank highly on Google. Sometimes they even appear above traditional results that link to websites. Want to increase the likelihood of your videos appearing in search results? Here’s what you need to remember:

Include keywords related to your industry in your movie titles and descriptions — use tools like Senuto or the Keyword Tool to find them. However, remember to use your keywords in a natural way and don’t overdo it with their number.

Mention keywords in your video. According to Backlinko’s Brian Dean, saying them can help YouTube’s algorithms better understand what the video is about.
Encourage recipients to leave likes and comments under the video — the site takes them into account when determining the place of the video in the search results.

Define video categories to help YouTube better understand who to show your video content to.
Adding tags to your videos will give the website more information about the content. Multiple tags can be used, so add as many as you can.

Post product reviews, guides, and longer (over 10 minutes) videos—these tend to rank highly.
If you plan to post multiple videos, create playlists. Grouping your videos will make it easier for viewers to navigate your channel and find relevant content. This will have a positive effect on watch time, as viewers are more likely to stay on the channel and consume your video content for longer. You can learn more about how to get 10000 youtube views for $2 on the Top4smm website.

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